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Hypnosis: What it can do for you? What it is and what it is not?

It is : A deeply peaceful, pleasant and comfortable state of relaxation. This state increases in intensity over time as the trainee or client becomes more experienced.

Can everybody experience this state?

Yes - people's ability to respond to the incoming ideas in a hypnotic session vary according to their own past conditioning and the skill of the hypnotherapist. Yet generally in the hands of a competent hypnotist you should notice a distinct change in your state of consciousness during the first session.

What happens if an alarm goes off or there's some other kind of emergency whilst I'm in a trance? Will I be able to come out of the trance?

Of course? You will respond just as in any emergency, except probably with more efficiency and presence of mind than usual!

Does everybody need to be hypnotized to achieve good results?

Not exactly. Very often a good healer will use other techniques - trance healing, shamanic healing or N.L.P for example, to achieve the results you require.

Will I 'go to sleep' or become unconscious?

No! Under the care of a skillful practitioner you will be guided into a deeper more controlled state of consciousness where your ability to focus more clearly on the issues at hand is greatly enhanced. You do not 'go to sleep or become unconscious in hypnosis. Because your body can be very relaxed indeed, you might look as though you are asleep, but your mind will remain alert and clear at any specific time in the session.

Will I remember everything?

Not necessarily. You will remember what you want or need to remember. Do you always remember everything that happens to you in normal life? Of course not. People generally remember most what is important or interesting to them - in hypnosis the same occurs.

What will the hypnotherapist do?

The therapist will discuss with you your requirements and goals, helping you to clarify any that might seem uncertain or vague. Then using trance, these ideas can be implanted deep into your mind where they will be effective because in trance your mind becomes much more open and receptive. Using a state of hypnosis you will find it possible to achieve many positive changes in your life that previously may have been inaccessible to you.

Might I lose control when hypnotized? Might I do or say things I I'll be ashamed of later? May I even be open to exploitation by an unscrupulous hypnotist?

No, no and no. Using the greatly enhanced concentration and sensitivity that you will experience under hypnosis you can reach levels of the mind usually inaccessible without this help. At this level it is possible, using hypnotherapy, to uncover disempowering self-beliefs and re-educate the subconscious to change negative self-images or unconsciously held needs in a way that leads to a richer, happier life. But you will never 'lose control'. On the contrary, you gain control. For many people this might even be the first time that they are really in control of their lives, thus no-one can use hypnosis to make you do anything against your will. At any time you will be able to end the hypnotic session should you will any desire to do so.

Can trance help with physical disorders?

The process by which the mind modulates all the bodily functions is still only slightly understood, but nonetheless an established fact. Frequently, using trance healing we are able to bring about physical improvement in areas where orthodox medical treatment has not been successful. The profound relief of stress that can be achieved using trance can also bring about striking and surprising improvement in all manner of physical disorders. Many physical problems are aggravated or even caused by chronic stress or emotional anxiety. Dan Russell also practices and teaches a form of physical manipulation in trance using hand pressure to bring the concentrated healing power of the client's own mind to focus on and relax sites of physical trauma. This treatment is usually complementary to the normal medical approach.

What is Shamanic and Trance Healing?

This is the use of trance to bring about physical or emotional change. It requires a higher degree of commitment and training on the part of the therapist since it requires the therapist to become a healer and to be fully committed to his or her own personal development. One can lear basic hypnotherapy in our courses over a couple of years or so - trance healing takes much longer to reach a degree of proficiency. Likewise a shaman will use any means available to bring about an improvement for the client often without any noticeable hypnotic induction.

The shaman views healing not simply as a cure of symptoms in itself, but as a never-ending path of compassion and self-discovery. The shamanic task is to enable the client to become aware of the inner power that transforms ones life - often known as "the warrior's path".

These are probably humanity's oldest forms of healing - very similar to hypnotherapy, albeit different techniques are used. The main difference is that it is important that your healer himself be well-practised in this art since a greater degree of creative sensitivity is required. Such work will yield many benefits, often some in addition to those expected!

You should be trancing, yeah

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Sample Session

If you are interested in finding out how a hypnotherapy session could be like, we are happy to provide you with two short downloadable audio samples taken from real sessions introducing self-hypnosis. Click on the links below to download the audio files to your computer. (An appropriate player like the Microsoft Windows Media Player or Apple's Quicktime might be required to listen to the audio files)

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