Universality of Breath

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   written by Dan Russell. The article was initially published in
   the July-October 1996 issue of 'Cahoots - Regional Guide
   to Alternatives' magazine.

An Essay on the Shamanic Experience - by Yoni Garb

A recent and unexpected addition to the growing map of Shamanic communities is Israel, birthplace of the Western monotheistic tradition.

The centre of this community is Dan Russell, head of the Hypnotherapy Training Centre and Northern School of Tai Chi in Carlisle, on England's Scottish border. Dan's search for sources of power and healing has led him to Tibet, Bhutan, Fiji and Taiwan. His intensive studies with Tai Chi masters and Tibetan Lamas grew into a unique synthesis centred on what he calls "Shamanic Awakening". more...

   Shamanic Encounters - Meetings with Dan Russell

   The following are extracts from the book "Shamanic Encounters - Meetings with Dan Russell". Published by    Dansankan Atlas Works. For more information on the book, please contact our office on: +44 (0)1228 401018.    Shamanic Encounters can also be previewed and purchased online at amazon.co.uk and at amazon.com

      "..this is a quick glimpse at a few of the possibilities of trance work - just a taste - provided by a few who were    sufficiently motivated and articulate enough to record their experiences and offer them as contributions for this    book. There are many hundreds of equally fascinating and totally different case histories that could have been    provided.."

   "...all these following conversations were conducted in an absorbed state. Before any strong work is done with    friends or clients, it is necessary to allow all parties to enter a trance state. This enables us to better access the    resources of deep mind. The following recollections are accurate subjective representations of trance    experiences and resulting insights, yet give no objective description of the shamanic-type techniques used to    access trance-power in the first place.[...] The western approach to this kind of shamanism is a purely linguistic    approach to bringing about physical and emotional change."